Team91Titans 3 Times National Lacrosse Champions at Age 13


At this 13, Mike Evans team 91 lacrosse are three-times national lacrosse winners in Florida. The group is comprised of 2024 rank participants and several 2023 rank participants under the mentorship of Parkland FL Journey Lacrosse Program. The program light emitting diode by directors and coaches Michael Evans, Jamie vans, and Natalie Gregorek tutors small gifted lacrosse participants across California and New York supporting them achieve superiority within their sport to prepare for Department 1 school recruitment.

Unlike other clubs, Team91Titans believes in training. They prepare as individuals on personal exercise and as a group and also prepare with a number of the recent MLL players. This has been built probable by the present connection involving the Parkland FL Journey Lacrosse Plan and the MLL players.

Parkland FL Journey Lacrosse Plan prepares participants psychology first before keeping them on the field. Through the applications, they are taught critical living abilities such as for example making their ease in living, working with the ups and downs in living in addition to other problems and just how to be consistent and focused within their endeavors.

When kiddies and teenagers have an empowered mindset, they can conquer every problem within their life. That's what the Parkland FL Journey Lacrosse Plan is focused on and the actual fact that Team91Titans are three-time national winners at a soft age of 13 is evidence that the program works.