Top 7 reasons why need a smart billing & inventory software

In today's era, when every organization is struggling hard to survive in this competitive world, manufacturing industries are finding it ever more challenging. These organizations focus on production and its successful delivery to the client whereas they lack necessary understanding of technology which is a must to survive in this aggressive market. Manufacturing industries are trying to perform all the necessary tasks efficiently by increasing the number of employees but this is not the right way to address the problem. Proper monitoring of all the processes and efficient utilization of all the resources is of utmost importance for any business. Fortunately, there are billing & inventory softwares that can perform all these desired tasks for you and much more if implemented and employed by the company.

Before we start introducing the reasons why manufacturing industries require an ERP solution it's important to bring in front that cost of ERP software varies from vendor to vendor but if you have chosen the right solution according to your business needs then ERP is affordable, even for a small business. 

Now let's take a look at how an efficient billing & inventory software is a need of every modern manufacturer.

  1. Inventory Control- an efficient inventory & billing software helps the organization in keeping the real-time record of raw material, purchases, and products in stock, sales and delivery of product.
  2. Cost Reduction- an efficient billing & inventory software provides real-time data which can reduce administrative and operational costs.
  3. Improved decision-making process- an efficient billing & inventory software analyzes each process essential for manufacturing of product, it's efficiency, market trends, count of products in stock, demand of product, etc. And on that basis help in predicting the futuristic demand of product. Ultimately, helping the management in strategy planning and better decision making for the long term.
  4. Timely delivery- Our customers want personalized attention and failing to do that can affect your relationship with them. They expect timely delivery of quality products when they place an order but it's hard to keep a track to all the orders made manually. So, now this can be done using an efficient billing & inventory software which gives you available-to-promise abilities; a function that give a prompt response to customer order enquiries with accurate delivery information. Thus, giving 100% customer satisfaction and retention.
  5. Hardware and software upgrade is quick- An inventory software is easy to implement plus any modifications in the manufacturing model of the company can easily undergo without costly new systems.
  6. Improved manufacturing performance- Real-time data provided by an inventory software gives an insight into the complete manufacturing process. It also shares which raw-materials will be required for manufacturing at what time, what's in stock and which material is about to expire. Assuring manufacturing of quality products in time.
  7. High security- Easy implementation and ease of use of ERP software has nothing to do less security. This software is secure and grant permission only to the person concerned with the information. Thus, restricting the access of sensitive information for people outside the organization or who have nothing to do with it.

Planning to implement an efficient billing & inventory software in your business?

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Author Bio

Ishaan is a technology graduate and has a keen interest in ERP Softwares especially inventory management & billing softwares. Currently working as trainee with a mid-size FMCG wholesaler as a Trainee Support.