ERP software- Top 4 reasons why a small business needs it

ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning, but even its full name doesn't throw a light on this concept or its usefulness.

In order to develop a right understanding of this unclear concept you need to backpedal and think of all the processes that regulate your business.

 Essential processes that drive a business may include inventory, accounting, human resources, sales and marketing, supply chain, logistics and Relationship with customers (CRM) and public (PR), in general, depending upon the need of your business. So, the basic idea behind the creation of ERP is the need of a large-scale software program that can streamline all these essential processes in just one system.

Though, ERP has been around this world since 90's but still there are certain organizations mostly SMEs and MSMEs which are planning to implement ERP software and are in process of selecting the best software for their utility.

Let's take a walk through this blog and get a deep insight into the advantages that an organizations can expect to gain from the implementation of ERP solution and where to find the best ERP software for them that support their business needs.

Benefits of ERP Software:

  1. One stop solution for managing all your business processes- Using a different software for handling each of your business processes can give rise to many issues like duplicity of data or records, lack of information about other processes, and lack of effective communication between different departments within an organization. Whereas, an ERP software provides an enterprise-wide solution and sees business as a whole. It manages all the core business areas with just one system.
  2. Streamline your processes- After successful implementation of ERP software, companies are forced to reconsider their planned strategies, and work process as it gives a brief insight of the complete system and share all the areas with a scope of improvement. Thus, improving the speed, efficiency, accuracy, and productivity of your business.
  3. Facilitate Business Data Analysis- To reach to the goals of your business it's important to analyze your companies' data on regular basis and get a better insight of workflow in your business. However, this could be great problem if the data required is housed at multiple locations. The solution to this can be done by implementation of ERP software. Firstly, this software allows analysts to access the business data from one centralized location which is shared by all the other departments that might be placed at remote locations. Secondly, ERP software offers real-time data related to all business processes assuring the correctness and relevancy of data. This as a whole brings efficiency and speed to the system. 
  4. Improved Customer Service- Every customer is important! A strong customer base and retaining former customers is significant for the growth of a business and that can be achieved if consistent services are provided to them. ERP software helps the organization to have an effective communication with their customers by giving them a global view of customer's prior communication with other attendants. So, whenever a former customer calls, the attendee can quickly go through the customer’s previous communication to get a better understanding of the services given to the customer, previous transactions, and preferences, etc.

Finding the Best ERP Software for Your Organization?  

MARG ERP 9+ is a GST ready ERP solution used by small, and midsize businesses. This software is reliable, efficient and, easily customizable according to the needs of any business. This software solution is integrated with mobile apps. A number of modules offered by MARG ERP 9+ includes advanced order management, purchase management, production planning, inventory, and accounting softwares. It also offers distribution module for multiple industries, including pharma, FMCG, wholesale, automobile, textile and jewelry.

Author Bio

Ishaan is a technology graduate and has a keen interest in ERP Software. Currently working as trainee with a mid-size FMCG wholesaler as a Trainee Support.