Truth Exposed - These Are The Reasons Why Contaminated Water Will Make You Sick

Are you concerned about the water coming into your home? Do you know what may be lurking inside your piping? If you knew what was in there, how would you even clean it out? These are all valid concerns that need to be brought to your awareness so that you can make informed decisions for yourself and your family.

A lot of people are not even aware that the piping under the roads where they live may be decades old. They don't think about things like that. Nor do they think about a slimy film called biofilm that coats the inside of the pipes. This is a slimy mixture of chemical by-products, germs, parasites, corrosion and who knows what else. What about the pipes inside your house? How old are they and is the biofilm in them as well? Of course, it is. The problem with biofilm is that it is there as a result of the chlorine, chloramines and whatever else is in the pipes. The germs in the pipes have become resistant to the disinfectant. Nasty. What can you do to protect your family and yourself from water borne problems?

Everyone has different expectations around water. Some people just want a pleasant tasting water to drink so they don't have to plug their nose and choke it down. Other people want to filter out all the contaminants in the water so they don't accumulate them in their bodies. Still others want their skin to feel soft and smooth after a shower or bath. The entertainers want to see their cutlery, glasses and dishes look spotless and gleaming without mineral deposits. They don't seem to care if their skin is absorbing chlorine, ammonia and chlorine by-products every day. Everyone is different vitamins.

One thing is for sure. You need to be aware that your skin is your largest organ and will absorb chemicals which can go directly into your blood stream. Over time, they can accumulate. Chlorine is particularly dangerous for women and children. Studies have shown that women with breast cancer have high amounts of chlorine derived carcinogens concentrated in the tumors. In addition, breast thermography hot spots have been shown to contain high levels of these contaminants. An alarming study out of the US shows children that drink chlorinated water or bathe in it, in addition to drinking milk or eating dairy products, can accumulate a gummy residue in their blood vessels which is the beginnings of heart disease. It is a reaction of the chlorine in the water with the protein in the milk.

Chloramine is the new kid on the block. This disinfectant contains chlorine with an extra ammonia atom. This does not dissipate like chlorine does. Some people will take a glass of tap water and let the chlorine dissipate off before they drink it. Unfortunately, chloramines don't do that. It's in the water unless there is some means of removing it.

One of the most innovative ways to ensure the health of the water you use for all of your personal and household uses is to install an electro-chemically activated water system at your incoming water source into your home. This type of system concentrates an electrical current at an electrolysis site within the machine that neutralizes any chemical or heavy metal in the water, in addition to killing any germs or parasites that have survived the chlorine treatment.

This type of system ensures that the water coming out of every tap is clean, sterile and healthy to drink. Remember that biofilm, I talked about at the beginning? Electro-chemically activated water cleans all of it out of the pipes so your pipes end up clean as a whistle. All the good is left in the water and all the unhealthy is removed.

You owe it to yourself and your family to do your own research on what is in your local water that may harm your health over time. After all, when it's time to retire, you want to be healthy enough to enjoy it.

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