Read our list of the top 10 Wedding Songs for the wedding of your dreams. While choosing wedding music can be one of the most fun parts of the planning process, it can also be very time-consuming and overwhelming.

While there are many factors to consider such as the tone you want to set for your wedding, what songs you want to play during you wedding speaks volumes to who you are as a couple.

In order to help you with this difficult task of coming up with your wedding songs, we’ve selected the best wedding music for your special day. Getting ready for your wedding is about more than fixing your hair and stepping into your dress or suit. It’s a time of excitement and anticipation, and should be enjoyed with friends, family, and a playlist of fun and endearing songs. Below is a playlist that will help you get ready in style.

Here Are The 10 Best Wedding Songs Below:

Imaginary Future and Kina Grannis – I Will Spend My Whole Life Loving You

Van Morrison – Crazy Love

The Avett Brothers – January Wedding

Ray LaMontagne – You Are The Best Thing

The Sweeplings – Hold Me

Glen Hansard – Wedding Ring

Mandolin Orange – Take This Heart of Gold

Bahamas – Whole Wide World

Iron & Wine – Flightless Bird, American Mouth

Joy Williams – Till Forever

Bonus: Here Are 5 Other Wedding Songs You Should Consider.

Ed Sheeran – Perfect

Expect this to be one of the top wedding songs of 2018, particularly when it comes to first dances. According to Jon Smithfield of District DJ in Washington, DC, Ed Sheeran will remain one of the most-played artists for slow dance songs in 2018. We love this song’s utterly romantic feel—particularly ideal for couples who met as children.

Camila Cabello (feat. Young Thug) – Havana

Looking for a song that will draw all of your guests onto the dance floor? This new tune has a Latin beat that’s both sexy and smooth. “Fun, catchy and melodic – this song would be the perfect complement to your dance floor set,” says Nick Spinelli of SCE Event Group in West Long Branch, New Jersey.

Macklemore (feat. Kesha) – Good Old Days

While you may be focusing on the music for your ceremony and reception, don’t forget about your cocktail hour! There are many 2018 wedding songs that are best suited for the pre-reception festivities—tunes that aren’t necessarily the easiest to dance to, but are catchy and celebratory just the same. “The content and meaning of the song is just as amazing as it’s catchy melody, which makes for the perfect complement to your cocktail hour,” says Nick.

Blake Shelton – I’ll Name the Dogs

Country music fans, this is the among the must-play wedding songs for 2018! It’s an obvious choice for a first-dance song (just watch the wedding-themed music video!), and with lyrics like “I’m talkin’ you and me with the same street name, same last name, same everything,” it’s perfect for couples ready to spend the rest of their lives together.