Personal Growth and Development in 5 Steps

To achieve personal growth and development is a matter of focus on persistence. The tips in this article will help you on your way to achieve personal growth and development. Remember, when actively focusing on personal growth, it will most certainly also include spiritual growth, as all human beings are indeed quite complex.

1. Don't assume to know it all

Humility goes a long way. You cannot assume to know all there is to know about skill and career development. Such an attitude will lead to stagnation and feelings of "being left behind". Keep an open mind, read, talk to others about it and take part in lively discussions to stretch the mind.

2. Optimism goes hand in hand with Critical Thinking

You have to be positive and optimistic in your quest for personal development- it will open your mind to new possibilities. This does not, however, imply that you do not have to do some critical thinking as well. Looking critically at things and behavior that hinder your personal growth may be the first step to changing for the better. Just remember, as a living human being, you will never stop learning, evaluating and growing.

3. Learn from nature

Many problems nowadays can be traced to man's isolation from nature itself. Most of our days are spend inside, away from natural sounds and not touching living objects outside the four walls of our existence. Looking at the intricacies of nature we may find valuable lessons to apply to our daily life.

4. Your body is a Temple

It makes a lot of sense to treat your body like a temple. In Christian terms it means the house of the Spirit, in any sense it applies to the machine that keeps us ticking over minute by minute, day by day. A healthy body gives you energy, focus and a clear mind. With less effort you will be able to take in more, be alert, distinguish what is best for you and be more decisive. Not to mention the personal pride and confidence.

5. Have a goal

If you have a specific goal or purpose in mind, it will help you to focus on your efforts for self development and personal growth. It will counteract discouragement, help you to identify and avoid distractions and energize you to keep going.