SMS Marketing Services

Modern business marketing techniques have evolved considerably in the last couple decades. We have been moving from a predominantly print and broadcast form of marketing to a more digital driven marketing. In any marketing mix, print and broadcast marketing is slowly being overshadowed by digital media as the dominating avenue for disseminating marketing information.

Though print and broadcast still holds strong. No one can supersede them even in the foreseeable future. But digital seems to be getting the maximum ROI which means more qualified queries and greater conversion compared to the more traditional avenues of marketing. The greatest advantage of sending an SMS is that these reach directly to the palm of the intended recipient and thus have the highest open rate. This is greater than the open rate of emails.

Thus SMS Marketing UAE is arguably the best avenue. This is where resellers offering SMS marketing services come into the picture. There are a bunch of companies which offer such services. However, the decision making should depend on the quality and reliability of the platform. Reliability signifies the ability of the SMS reseller platform to send out SMS with a high delivery rate regardless of the country and network that you are sending them out to.

For businesses with a global reach, this assumes critical importance. At we have an advanced technological platform that ensures your business marketing requirements are handled without issues. Plus, we have experience having handled hundreds of SMS marketing campaigns across 180+ countries and more than 800 networks.

We are one of the largest SMS marketing services in the globe. We provide a customizable control panel to create, modify, send out and monitor SMS campaigns to all our clients. When it comes to reliability nothing outperforms the reliability of a great quality control panel and a robust technology platform.