The Avon Store

Unlike the conventional brick-and-mortar variety, the Avon store online gives you amazing flexibility and convenience of shopping from the comforting confines of your home.

Without stepping outside, you will be able to browse through the catalog available on the Avon Store, check for all required details, and then make your purchase.

The convenience extends until the product(s) you have chosen gets delivered to your doorstep. In fact, many Avon stores offer free delivery if you shop now over a predetermined minimum amount.

Additionally, most online Avon stores offer multiple discounts and freebies that are exclusively for online shoppers and not usually given to those who visit traditional stores or buy it through other means.

At a convenient pace, you can browse the various products on offer on an Avon store online and shop for any of the following items:

  • Avon makeup products
  • Avon fragrances and perfumes
  • Avon skin care products
  • Avon fashion accessories

Why the Avon Store?

Avon Products, Inc. is the brainchild of David H. McConnell, the founder of the company. He was actually a book salesman who went door-to-door selling books to homemakers. He began to offer samples of perfume as an incentive for buying his books. Soon, he realized that the women were more interested in his perfume samples than his books.

It also struck David that these women are great networkers and could help build a beauty business through their networking skills. So, he started off in a small way and brewed his own perfume in his small New York office and employed the women to market it for him.

While his own business grew and expanded from only perfumes to other beauty products as well, the women whom David employed found far more benefits than they ever dreamed of.

Even before women got the right to vote in America, David had given them job opportunities as Sales Representatives making women financially independent, a scenario unheard of till then for women. He made each of the women feel like CEOs running their own business and without disrupting their family lives, an extremely important element for these mothers and wives.

To honor the legacy of David’s initial dream of creating beauty with a purpose, even today Avon products are sold via women Sales Representatives through their online Avon stores. Hence, the Avon store is an integral and indiscernible part of Avon Product, Inc.

So, if you want to buy Avon products, you must either visit Avon stores online or through the company’s website. It makes more sense to buy your products using the representatives’ Avon stores as discounts and promotions galore here.

Avon Store Products

You can shop for following Avon products from Avon stores:

Color Cosmetics – Scientists work around the clock at Avon's R&D center to deliver extremely safe and highly effective color cosmetics for you. Pairing scientific innovation and beauty, Avon delivers cosmetic products that promise superior performance helping women look and feel more beautiful than they already are.

Skin Care products – Avon’s skin care products come under the ANEW brand umbrella. Avon’s ANEW brand offers anti-aging products leverage the power of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) technology. There are different product ranges under the ANEW brand targeting different age groups.

Fragrance – The range of Avon fragrance products includes celebrity products such as the Outspoken by Fergie range that add a touch of prestige to your collection. Avon’s fragrance products include body lotions and grooming products for both men and women.

Personal Care Products – are marketed under Skin-so-Soft brand that comes with a wide range of products including washes, scrubs, shower gels, body lotions, hand creams, and more.

Fashion and Home Products – Avon's fashion products include apparel, jewelry, watches, footwear and other fashion accessories all of which add oomph and glamor to your personality. Under the Home products range, Avon offers a variety of ideas and tools to make each occasion in your life memorable whether in home redecoration or having a special family get-together.

Hair Care Products – The hair care products from Avon promise you a salon-like experience at home. Avon’s Advance Techniques brand markets a wide range of styling products, shampoos, and conditioners catering to women to different hair types and ethnicities and also different age groups.

Final Thoughts

As a customer, you can buy Avon products from Avon stores spread across the globe. My own Avon store, displays all Avon products that you can purchase from your home and which will be delivered to your doorstep. The various sales promotions and offers are clearly indicated. Do sign up for my newsletter which will send you the latest news on offers and promotions so that you will not miss any great buying opportunity.