Tubal Ligation Side Effects and Risks

For women who are certain that they either do not want children or no longer want any more children, permanent sterilization surgery may be the answer. More commonly referred to as 'tube tying', tubal ligation has become a fairly commonplace procedure, especially for women who have had several children. In fact, about half of all procedures are performed in an operating room right after the birth of a child. Before you decide on it, however symptoms, side effects and ways to overcome, it pays to research tubal ligation side effects, because there are serious risks.

There are risks associated with any major surgery, but tubal ligation side effects are mostly directly related to the reproductive system. In younger women, for instance, problems can crop up with a woman's menstrual cycle as a result of improper blood flow to the ovaries. Tubal reversal is one way to deal with serious blood flow problems, but that would negate any positive effect that the original surgery had to begin with which is no more worry about having another child.

One of the tubal ligation side effects that many patients consider most is the risk of Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome (PTLS). Symptoms include ovarian isolation, hormonal imbalance, and severe PMS. This is a very serious side effect that affects a number of women who undergo the procedure. One particularly troublesome symptom occurs when the blocked tube creates a pressure build up during menstruation, causing an inordinate amount of pelvic pain. The most effective way to deal with this recurring symptom is tubal reversal surgery.

While it is not necessarily a medical side effect, some women regret having the procedure done, and wish to have tubal reversal surgery performed. Most women, however, have the ligation knowing that it is meant to be permanent, and it is not as simple of a matter to reverse the effects of a tubal ligation. Over the last several decades with the great leaps have been made in the field of tubal reversal, even if a woman has second thoughts about the procedure, it is possible to reverse the process.

Some tubal ligation side effects are quite serious, while others are not quite so. Only a small percentage of women with side effects actually experience some of the worst symptoms. In either case, they can be overcome by one method or another such as a hysterectomy. Many of these cases of tubal ligation side effects, however, may be alleviated by a tubal reversal.