The Rewards of Installing a Vapor Barrier

Home maintenance can be a bit overwhelming at times. It will often be expensive and time consuming. Even the well built homes will require maintenance. Furthermore, different types of homes have different maintenance needs and concerns. Many times, while doing maintenance, homeowners will discover they need further repairs. This is especially true when talking about homes that have a crawl space. You know, the dark, creepy, bug filled space under homes that sit off the ground? Well, that's the crawl space. Avapor barrier system is something that no home with a crawl space should be without. Unprotected crawl spaces can lead to numerous issues such as mold and odors, rot, infestations, and higher HVAC costs.

Vapor Barrier Systems

Mold Problems

One of the biggest concerns with crawl spaces is the tendency to allow moisture to collect under the house. Of course, everyone knows that moisture can lead to mold, especially in warm climates like Florida. Mold, if not properly addressed, can make you very sick, especially if you have allergies or asthma. Even if you do not have mold allergies, exposure can cause irritation to your skin, eyes, throat, nose and lungs. In extreme cases black mold exposure can hospitalize or kill a person. Moisture can also lead to bad smells and odors forming underneath your house. These odors will, in time, permeate into the house causing the house to have an undesirable smell.

Water collecting under the house can also lead to deterioration in the wood framing of a house. Although not as scary as mold, this can lead the framing of the house to warp and twist. Over time, this can cause twisting of the sub-floors and framing in door and window openings as well as leveling issues. Moisture can also lead to insect infestations of the wood framing under a house. Any of these issues can lead to high repair costs. Installing a vapor barrier system reduces the possibility for insect and vermin infestation. In warm southern regions, such as Florida, these issues can be a year round concern, due to the warmer temperatures and higher humidity.

What is the Remedy?

A professionally installed crawl space vapor barrier system is the remedy to these crawl space issues. Vapor barrier systems are designed to lessen air flow and dampness under a house. This makes the crawl space a somewhat conditioned space under the house, keeping the temperature and humidity much closer to that of the living area above. A vapor barrier system also help to insulate your home. Not only does a vapor barrier system help prevent unexpected repairs, it will drop your heating and cooling cost. HVAC systems will not have to work as hard to heat and cool the house. Additionally, HVAC and plumbing systems are not as sensitive to damage from corrosion, insects or vermin. Vapor barrier systems have shown to slow the movement of harmful gases like radon. This can help reduce levels of radon found in your home.

You want to implement long term quality solutions when doing any type of home maintenance or repairs. Precision Vapor Barriers is one company that comes to mind in Florida. In addition to vapor barrier systems, Precision Vapor Barriers can address all areas of concern in crawl spaces. Making sure you have enough insulation, proper anchors and strapping, addressing any ductwork damage or leaks, and addressing floor reinforcement or leveling are also very important for the life of your home. It is best to address all areas of concern while having a new vapor barrier system installed. Licensed and insured companies like Precision Vapor Barriers will assess all of these areas and provide a free quote. With over 15 years in the industry, you won't have to worry about your crawl space anymore. Precision Vapor Barriers has all your Florida under home solutions

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